Adult Gymnastics

ADULT GYMNASTICS has returned!

Gymnastics is a wonderful sport to get involved in. North Cotswold Gymnastics and Trampolining Academy are based at Cotswold Clubhouse and run classes for all ages, and are proud to be able to offer Adult classes, so that people can get back into the sport, or visit is for the first time.

Gymnastics is a fantastic way to exercise, learn new skills, build confidence and meet new friends. Strengthen, increase flexibility, improve coordination and overcome fear.

Come and join us and step beyond your comfort zone for great results!


We have had to alter things a little. We can currently offer one evening a week; but we still offer the pay as you go option or purchase the prepaid card for a deal on 10 sessions.

WHEN:   Wednesdays 8:15pm – 9:15pm
PRICE: £7 per session pay as you go
PREPAID CARD DEAL: Buy this card and get 10 sessions for the great price of £58.50!

We have combined all the learning, exercise and fun of the two separate classes into one Gymnastics and Trampolining session.

Holding yourself upside down for long periods of time, flipping through the air, using rings and bars and all the other amazing stuff involved in gymnastics will get you seriously strong. Gymnasts have a level of strength that most normal people would consider near superhuman strength—but even training in gymnastics as an amateur will get you upper body strength, core strength and power like no other workout can do.

It doesn’t matter how inflexible you currently are—training in gymnastics will make you a more flexible person.

The trampolining really works on your core and is a fantastic work out!

No matter your age, gymnastics will bring you back to the days when childlike wonder filled every moment.

Further information

REMINDER you can purchase a Prepaid Adult Gymnastics Card for great savings per class. Stamp it at every session you attend

Pay as you go price is £7 for a class. But this card is for 10 classes and it only costs £58.50!

Follow the booking link to purchase your prepaid card and then collect it at Reception on your first session.


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