The Colour Club “Where the wild things are”

On Sunday 6th January The Colour Club will be doing “Where the wild things are”. In the session you will be chatting about how Max feels at different points in the story and then having a wild rumpus of your own, as you create paintings and prints of wild thing feet and forest scenes.

The Colour Club is for ages 1-10, and aims to be one of the most fun family times of the week. It is a creative Storytelling and Art session run by an art teacher with 12 years experience and promotes literacy as well as being really good shared fun for parents and children. Sessions can get a little messy so a spare set of clothes or a big old shirt to wear on top is a good idea. Sessions begin by listening to a children’s story and then we make a piece of art inspired by it.

The Session lasts 1 hour and then the children are free to enjoy the soft play and adults can enjoy the cafe!

£7 per child
Spaces are limited – booking is required.
For booking details:
Or contact Jen Beetson on 07765156877

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