Musical Clubhouse

Musical Clubhouse is an interactive 30 minute music session, with singing, instruments and props….including parachute play! There will be refreshments for children and adults, and soft play to follow. The session is suitable for children up to 3 years.

The activities help build your child’s confidence, creativity and co-ordination, whilst having lots of fun!

Term Time Mondays Only.


Day: Mondays

Time: 9:45am – 10:15am

Age: Up to 3 years   

Price: £5.00 per session

Pre-book to ensure a place

What's involved?

Musical Clubhouse explore different sounds using percussion instruments. The children can play with the instruments, practice doing rhymes and learn how to sing a tune.

It is all about helping your children develop their skills, whilst having lots of fun.

Following the 30 mins session, the children then get to enjoy a run around in the soft play, whilst hopefully, you can relax in the cafe!

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